What Intel’s Acquisition of McAfee Could Mean

August 20, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Just yesterday Intel announced that they’re buying Internet security expert and antivirus developer McAfee, and of course this sparked a wide range of speculations about what Intel could be planning to do with their new property. Some of the ideas people are having are outright crazy, while some are more down to Earth and in accordance with the current market situation.

First, it should be noted that McAfee’s own services will likely not change, as they’ll be acting as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel. Now, one of the more probable reasons for the purchase could lie in the assets of McAfee themselves – having recently bought Trust Digital and TenCube, McAfee are now quite the powerful entity when it comes to IT security.

Another possibility is that McAfee will be working on the security of the upcoming Meego, the operating system being developed in tandem between Intel and Nokia – of course, for that OS to be successful, it’ll need a strong layer of security, just what McAfee could provide. Last but not least, with Intel’s various projects that have been announced lately, perhaps they just want a better sense of security for all of them in general.

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