Sony Single Wire Interface Technology Facilitates Data and Power Transmissions Through a Single Cable

August 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
Sony has developed a new Single Wire Interface Technology, which helps in transmitting data and power through a single copper wire. This technology facilitates bi-directional transmission of several kinds of signals, including video, audio and control signals, by using time division duplex and multiplex. DC power can also be supplied on the same signal cable. The single copper cable will be capable of handling data at 940Mbps.
All the cellphones that are in the market today accommodate at least 20 different cables for various functions such as internal data transmission and power supply. The wiring between the main body of a mobile phone and its display section includes display data, camera data, audio signals, various kinds of sensor data and control data, and a DC power supply. The problems created by wiring (like increase in size of the phone) will be solved when the new technology is implemented. The technology should offer greater reliability in the long term and also gives Sony’s design team much more flexibility when designing products, since it won’t have to allocate as much space as it usually does.
Sony has plans to implement the technology as soon as possible. We can hope for a cool gadget any time in the near future.
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