LG Tablet to Arrive as an Extremely Productive Device ; to be Sold Under Optimus Line

August 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We finally have something about the proposed tablet computer that is in the works at the LG assembly line. To be sold under the Optimus line of devices, the tablet device is expected to arrive  – yes, we knew that earlier – by the fourth quarter. The Google Android-driven device is seen as being positioned by the South Korean company as a rival to Apple’s iPad, going by the capabilities being thrown in with regard to content creation.

Gong by a WSJ report that quotes Chang Ma, vice president of marketing for LG’s mobile-devices unit, the tablet device will include content focused on creation such as writing documents, editing video and creating programs. Besides, the LG Tablet will also come with high-end features and added advantages that will have a focus on productivity.

We are yet to find out whether LG would be going in for more than that. Potential customers who anticipate the arrival of LG Tablet are also keen on knowing if the device would sport capabilities that would let them edit videos and do other such functions. We will have to wait to know more on that, though we believe that LG is readying an extremely productive device.

By the fourth quarter, look out for the roll-out of the device in the US market. As you wait, let us try and find out which carrier would get the LG Tablet on its network.

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