iPods Guilty For Ruining Football in the UK, Says Premier League Player

August 20, 2010, By Alex Ion

As crazy as it may sound, iPods are supposedly one of the most anti-social thing that have affected footballers in the Premier League.

According to Dave Kitson, a striker with Stoke City, they’re guilty for ruining the sport as players turn to their iPods in the dressing room right before kick-off, negatively impacting the team’s morale with everyone listening to their favorite vibes.

“Changing rooms should be buzzing with anticipation and energy before a game, but more and more I see players slumped around in their own world, generally looking miserable,” Kitson said.

But the guy wanted to make it clear, music is not a bad thing. At least not when everyone listens to the same thing and it’s meant to encourge the team’s fighting spirit and morale just before the official whistle.

Another thing Kitson is upset with, because of the iPod, players don’t talk to each other anymore. So instead of  discussing strategies and how they’ll beat their adversaries, they put some downbeat music on and dream.

“I like to think music should be used to get you up for a game of football – not for relaxing you. Football is not relaxing,” Kitson added.

And looks like someone else in the UK thinks the same thing about media players; English Manager Fabio Capello doesn’t tolerate mobile phones or iPods in his locker room.

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