Google Throws Open Chrome Web Store to Developers

August 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
Google has opened the Chrome Web Store to developers to spur them submit applications. Google had announced in May that they would be launching a web app store for their browser, Chrome, and Chrome OS. The company has now announced that they are making a developer preview of the Chrome Web Store available.
There were reports indicating that the store will open in October, but Google has not yet confirmed this date. But the company has said that Chrome OS will arrive this fall, and if it is allowing developers to upload apps, the official launch of the store can’t be far away.
The Chrome Web Store will eventually become a replacement for the Chrome extensions gallery, and will work quite like it as well. The store will be offering extensions and browser themes, as well as what Google calls “installable web apps” which could integrate better with the OS and could allow more OS incorporation than traditional web apps.
During the Web Store’s developer preview, the apps you upload will only be visible to you. Everything will be hidden from other developers. Google will take a 5 percent cut of all app sales and it will also charge 30 cents per transaction and a one-time $5 registration fee.
Apple takes a 30 percent cut of all app sales, so developers will be happy to hear that bit of information. Google’s new store will feature both paid and free web applications. If you are charged, you can use either your own custom payment system or Google’s Chrome Web Store Payments service.
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