Sprint Epic 4G Galaxy S Pro Variant, First Look Review

August 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is the month of August people and Sprint customers, more than anyone else, have waited for it eagerly. It is because the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S Pro variant, the Epic 4G, is scheduled to arrive (or should have arrived) in a matter of days. The gang over Intomobile got lucky as they took the wraps off a pre-release variant, and reading what they tell us, it surely looks a scorcher of a smartphone.

The spirits at the Sprint consumers camp are already high, courtesy of the HTC EVo 4G availability and now this gift from the US Carrier only betters the situation. It surely looks a generous mix of touchscreen goodness and a quality QWERTY experience at the same time.

To be honest, this surely is the next big thing in the world of cellphones, which has the ability to maul the quality gadgets Apple, HTC and Motorola currently have to offer. Think of a smartphone that can render a living room entertainment experience to a mobile phone, offering HD-likes videos in the bargain.

While Android 2.1 will of course get updated, we like the twin cameras which individually take care of video conferencing and your interest for clicking images.

Multimedia is a major discussion with all smartphones good or bad, but the Epic 4G does not disappoint us on this front. The Galaxy S Pro variant will offer a fully integrated multimedia along with messaging and social networking experience.

And then there are things like access to Samsung Media Hub and Samsung’s exclusive AllShare service (wireless content sharing), this is sure a winner in the times to come.

Update: Sprint’s Twitter account mentions that the pre-orders of this Android powered device from Samsung have been sold out and if this pre-release review impressed you, sadly you are late to get it pre-ordered. August 31 is until when you need to hold on to your $249.99 now!

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