Nokia C7 Closer to Release Date; Nokia C7 Specs & Video Leak Ahead of Launch?

August 19, 2010, By Alex Ion

Nokia are doing a great job in keeping their new Nokia C7 handset under wraps, but we know for sure that the Finnish manufacturer has it and they’ll launch it sometime soon. How can we be so sure? We just got our hands on a bunch of pictures and videos coming from China that detail just how sexy the C7 is.

Nokia C7 first leaked two months ago. That’s when we found out it’s running Symbian^3, knew more about specs and had a first (blurry) glimpse at the smartphone. But it looks like these guys in China have done a great job in detailing the C7 for us as they went hands-on with it.

Nokia C7 smartphone

According to these leaks, Nokia C7 is going to feature a 3.5″ capacitive touchscreen (although some say it may be a 3.3″), has an 8 MP autofocus camera with dual LED flash and runs Symbian^3, just like its cousin, the N8. Other specs include a microUSB slot and the proprietary Nokia 2mm charging port, and probably an ARM11 processor that clocks in at 600 MHz (same one found in the E55 and the E52).

Surprisingly, there’s no word of HDMI out and we’re hearing it runs on a 1,200 mAh battery (which makes no sense considering that 1,500 mAh batteries perform much better and are only a few dollars more expensive), but we’ll have to wait for the C7 to become official before we complain about it.

Nokia C7 smartphone

Nokia C7 smartphone

Nokia C7 smartphone

It’s certain that the new Nokia C7 is more of an entry-level smartphone, so those of you used with Qualcomm’s 1GHz CPU and lots of RAM, may not like it very much. But for those who don’t need their mobile phone to be lightning fast, it sounds like a good buy — when it becomes official, of course.

Meanwhile, have you seen just how sleek it looks (that’s thin), with all those metal parts that make it a highly attractive piece of machinery?

Reports say that Nokia C7 may be released at Nokia World 2010, which is slated mid next month.

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