Next PSP Rumored to Feature Touch Controls on the Back

August 19, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A fresh new rumor has emerged from this year’s GamesCom in Germany, this time related to Sony’s upcoming new PSP handheld console. According to the rumors, several people have gotten a chance to play around with the new console (though allegedly still in an early stage of its development) and are reporting that it features touch controls on the back of the console for extra input in your games.

This could be a good indication that Sony are seeing the definite marketing potential in such a technology, based on the success of the Nintendo DS. However, one thing we can’t help but wonder is how comfortable this is going to be. The controls should have some extra physical feedback, otherwise we can foresee this being a very inconvenient solution when you’re trying to press buttons you can’t feel nor see.

Sony have declined to comment on the rumor, though according to some sources from within the company, the device should be launched before the end of 2011. If this is true, this may very well be the PSP2 that’s been talked about quite a lot.

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