Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac – Features Detailed in New Video

August 19, 2010, By Alex Ion

Microsoft have just released a new video that details some of the features Office 2011 suite for Mac will bring when it launches in late October this year. Senior Evangelist for the Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit, Kurt Schmucke, is explaining what happens behind the scenes with this new version of Office and why it’s going to be great.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

From what it looks like, Microsoft has focused in making Office 2011 for Mac perfectly compatible with both platforms — Apple and Windows, meaning that users won’t encounter any problems if for example they have a document that needs to be printed with both Word for Windows and Word for Mac.

Another interesting aspect is that they’ve been working hard to improve the visual aspect of Office 2011 for Mac. That’s why the new series brings in new tools to help users view data in graphical formats, and that includes the Sparklines feature that debuted in Office for Windows 2011. Sparklines allows users to display a lot of graphical information in a really small space with the full power of Excel behind them.

One last thing that grabbed our attention is that Office 2011 for Mac comes with photo editing tools that allow users to perform tasks such as applying filters, background removal and color correction without having to leave the document they are working on.

Here’s the full video.

Not sure about you folks, but all these sound really sweet for me.

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