BlackPad to Feature Own OS Developed by QNX

August 19, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

A few months ago in April, RIM bought QNX Software Systems, a company that specializes in infotainment, and this caused (as expected) lots of wild speculations around the Internet on what RIM could be planning to use the company for. According to Bloomberg, the truth is finally out, as various sources are reporting that RIM are planning to use QNX-developed software on their upcoming BlackPad tablet device.

While many expected that RIM would just upgrade the BlackBerry 6 operating system and adjust it for use in a tablet, it seems that the company is looking to deliver a more unique and tablet-oriented experience to users. However, according to some of the sources, the reasons also lie in some backwards compatibility problems in the OS – it was apparently easier to start a new OS from scratch than to fix up the problems in the old one.

Looking at how RIM spent $200 million on the acquisition, we’re definitely curious to see if they’ll get their money’s worth when the BlackPad eventually comes out.

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