Panasonic Brings Twitter on its Viera Cast Plasma HDTVs

August 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Panasonic has announced the activation of Twitter on their Viera Cast-enabled HDTVs. Twitter will also be available on Viera Cast -enabled Blu-ray Disc Players at a later date. Twitter is the latest feature to be added to the list of built-in web entertainment technologies on the HDTVs. The other features include Skype, Netflix, Fox Sports, Bloomberg, Amazon Video-On-Demand and YouTube among many other offers.

Panasonic’s plans to add Twitter was announced in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. With the addition of the global information network becoming a reality, consumers will be able to communicate with family and friends in a better way. Twitter will enable users to send and read other user messages called Tweets. Users can now enjoy tweeting on Twitter, video chatting via Skype, sharing videos on YouTube and enjoy all the other features right from the comfort of their living rooms.

The 2010 Viera Cast -enabled HDTVs also comes with USB connectivity which enables the addition of a wireless LAN adaptor, a keyboard for more efficient site navigation and communication, and USB memory which supports AVCHD video and JPEG photos. All these features make things even better. There is a possibility that Panasonic will be introducing more applications in the future,  let’s wait and see.

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