Blizzard Reveals Artisans In Diablo 3 At This Years Gamescom

August 18, 2010, By Christian Davis

In case you forgot, Diablo 3 is still in development. Blizzard seems to have a knack for waiting substantially long times for releasing sequels. In the end, it’s usually worth the wait, but that doesn’t mean we have to enjoy that wait. At this years Gamescom in Cologne Germany, Blizzard has released a video describing one of their new NPCs (Non Playable Characters) who will aid you in your quest. The Non Playable Character is called the Artisan and you have to gain their trust before they help you.

Artisans are crafters and will save you a lot of time from forging your own weapons and do them for you. The video (shown below) discusses one of the Artisan types, the Blacksmith. Each Artisan in Diablo 3 has a few special traits and the Blacksmith can repair weapons and Items as well as add gem sockets to items as well. Though these Artisans can become your allies, they will still require you to pick up the supplies needed and will ask for gold as well.

Here’s the video below and hopefully Blizzard will release more information on Diablo 3 within the next few days.

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