Apple iPhone White Model to Arrive ‘Later On in the Year’, Says Orange UK

August 18, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

When will it finally come? Talking of Apple’s white iPhone 4 model, we have been treated to a waiting game ever since we first heard about it. The latest is that the phone’s carrier in the UK – Orange UK – has gone to the Press to say that the white model will be “available later on in the year.” If you would remember, you had earlier heard that the model would be coming at the “end of the year.” Let us try and see this as an updated release date!

Reports quoting Orange UK said that the carrier has already told The Inquirer something like that. End of the year or later on in the year, we just would want the phone to come to our midst as soon as possible. Orange UK has said told customers that it would like to state that the Apple iPhone white model will be available later this year. Now that doesn’t mean we have a final date.  This also means the wait continues.

The white model was expected to arrive during July, but, as you all know, that never happened. The delay had led Apple and the carrier networks to stay clear of any specific date.  May be Apple is looking at bringing in a flawless device. The company wouldn’t want any criticism on antenna design, screen performance or sensor issues. So it would be better for the company to wait till a flawless piece is ready for roll out. Let us also wait.

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