Apple iPad App ‘HBO Go’ to Stream 800 Hours of Monthly Content, Scheduled for Early 2011 Release

August 18, 2010, By Atul Roach

HBO has long resisted the temptation of streaming content through the Netflix service on the iPad and HBO has mentioned that it is more interested in increasing its own traffic and viewership than doing Netflix a favor. What we are glad to know is that HBO is not the outfit to make fake commitments as it shall be ready with its own streaming application for the iPad with in the next six months, which means that the app will be available in Early 2011.

From what is known this far, the application will be dubbed HBO Go and this specific app will allow the users to access a library of up to 800 hours per month for both the movies and the TV shows. With this development, HBO Go will join the likes of ABC Player, Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Ironically, HBO’s content was once thought to be arriving on Netflix and now HBO is going to pitch that very content as a Netflix competitor. The existing HBO subscribers will be glad to know that the HBO Go streaming service will be available for them on the iPads without any additional monetary compensations.

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