Qualcomm readying 1.5GHz dual-core SnapDragon for future superphones and tablets

August 17, 2010, By Thomas Antony

SnapDragon processors have now become almost like a standard in case of high end smartphones. They are being used by almost all manufacturers in their latest superphones ( with exception of Apple and Samsung ).

Qualcomm is now all set to release their new dual core SnapDragon processors clocked at 1.5 GHz. The QSD8672 45nm chip will start shipping from the fourth quarter with devices possibly coming up by the end of this year according to Mark Frankel, VP of Product Management at QualComm. The chip could go into smartphones, tablets and low-cost laptops, he said.

The QSD8672 has some rather interesting features in it other than the monster performance boost. It can automatically adjust clocks on individual cores, thus allowing devices to place once core into idle mode while running the other at 1.5GHz, helping to use only as much power as is necessary. It also supports 1080p video and will allow vendors to integrate HDMI into their designs with ease, along with DDR2 and DDR3 memory interfaces.

The chip is a follow-up to the dual-core MSM8660 Snapdragon chip, which started shipping in the second quarter. The 8672 has a faster processor than 8660, which includes CPU cores running at 1.2GHz.

Qualcomm’s competitors include Texas Instruments, which on Monday said it would ship its OMAP4430 dual-core chip for smartphones and tablets by the end of this year.

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