Palm Pre Plus Disappears from Verizon and AT&T Online Stores

August 17, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran
Palm did a vanishing act today when the Palm Pre Plus suddenly disappeared from both Verizon and AT&T online stores. The device eventually appeared back on the Verizon’s website with an ‘out of stock’ status still remaining. Palm, which is now owned by HP, and both the online stores have not given out a comment on the matter.
The Palm Pre Plus was launched in January but had struggled with the sales. But it had enough sales to let Verizon and AT&T stock the phone. HP had purchased the company with the hopes of integrating the Web OS platform in the new HP products that are to be launched in the coming months. But the disappearance act has not yet been answered. It is possible that the two carriers just happened to run out of Pre Plus at the same time and fresh phones are on their way. Or it might be because of, who is selling contract-signers of the Verizon Palm Pre Plus for $19.99 and the AT&T Pre Plus for free with a $50 gift card; the Verizon and AT&T might not want to fight with Or, there is also a possibility that the vanishing can mean that new goodies are coming to the online stores.
But if you want the phone that bad, you will be pleased to know that the local guys had reported that they have plenty of devices available. Even if stocks arrive, there is a chance that it can run out again with Verizon still charging just $29.99 along with free Mobile Hotspot.
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