New Infamous 2 Trailer

August 17, 2010, By Christian Davis

Gamescom has given us a lot of gaming goodness this week. This next treat comes courtesy of Sucker Punch. They’ve given us a trailer for Infamous 2 with some neat frozen gameplay. The trailer has you go through the city and there’s destruction and monsters and people running. Some gameplay would have been better, but its still nice to see it coming along.

There was one big thing that is different in the trailer. Remember the whole re-design that Sucker Punch did of the games protagonist Cole? They had him looking young and not so generic. In the trailer, it’s the old design of cole. Bald, angry, and will no doubt have that deep “manly” voice that is used for all male game characters. The other design had much more personality and you can tell he was some what of a wise talker. Now we have the old Cole that will be a bad Jason Statham rip-off.

So here’s the trailer below.

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