New Halo Reach Live Action Trailer

August 17, 2010, By Christian Davis

One of the best things about Halo Reach is the slue of live action trailers that Microsoft has been releasing. Rather than a pre-rendered short of Noble Team in action, Microsoft has gone the more traditional method of using cameras and real people. This new trailer that was released today isn’t as exciting as the other trailers, but functions more as a way to developing the story.

So yes, there is really no action and there aren’t any Covenant, but it’s one of those trailers that makes you think of what the Halo movie could have been like. All of the Live Action trailers in the Games history have always been something that impressed everyone, even if they weren’t fans of the Halo series. Why is there no Halo Movie is something that is constantly asked to this day. It would be a great idea if the creators of these Halo Live Action trailers just decided to make a movie for themselves. Have it released straight to DVD or for download through the 360 Dashboard ala Dead Rising: Zombrex. Fans would appreciate that and it would be great to have that talent not go to waste.  Here’s the trailer below and it still builds to the excitement of the games release on September 14th.

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