WiMax 2 planned to reach 100Mbps real world speeds by 2012

August 16, 2010, By Thomas Antony

WiMax Forum’s marketing lead Declan Byrne has announced that Intel’s upcoming version of WiMax, WiMax 2, will be capable of achieving real world data rates of over 100Mbps. The new standard will be coded 802.16m and will far outstrip the existing WiMax networks which can barely reach 3-6Mbps. The range would mostly remain the same as the new technology would also be using the same frequencies of ~2.5GHz band in the US.

The new standard will be ratified by the IEEE in November and will be ready for commercial applications by 2012. Clear and Sprint, who currently have the largest operational WiMax networks are likely to be the first ones to use WiMax 2. WiMax offers much lower latencies than 3G networks, which is cruicial for applications such as video conferencing. 100Mbps speeds would also outpace most of the current wired forms of broadband access and make high bandwidth applications such as 1080p streaming possible.

The competing technology LTE, is all set to launch in the us starting this fall, with Verizon’s LTE network. It should have significant coverage on all major cellphone networks but Sprint’s by the 2012 launch of WiMAX 2. Since the new 4G standard has lower latency as well as higher speeds, it could prove to be a great competitor to LTE.

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