Street Fighter Shoes

August 16, 2010, By Christian Davis

If you live on this planet odds are you wear shoes and you like Street Fighter. It’s common knowledge. Now, Street Fighter and clothing are harmonizing into one beautiful creation that only BossLogic could create. Who’s BossLogic? He’s responsible for beautiful “hyperreal” Street Fighter Art like the one shown below.

Now that BossLogic has had some freetime, he has gone to create something I’ve been wanting to wear for years; Street Fighter shoes. Courtesy of Deviantart, we are able to see BossLogic’ beautiful Street Fighter creations. He’s created four varieties of shoes on the Nike Kicks shoe line. Below you’ll see images of: Ryu and Sagat, Chun-Li and Cammy, Blanka and Rufus, and M. Bison with Juri.

Yes, those shoes are unbelievably cool and every Capcom, Street Fighter, and shoe wear-er should desire these shoes like their lives depended on it. However, there is one large and unbelievably fatal flaw with these shoes, they’re not real. Odds are, they may never exist, but we can dream right?

Why would BossLogic tease us with these? Because he can. I’m sure he wants them just as bad as us and there’s no doubt in my mind that he shed a few tears at how great these are and how unfortunate it will be when he looks in his closet and can’t wear them.

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