MSI WindPad 100 showcased in press shots with a dock

August 16, 2010, By Thomas Antony

MSI had unveiled its prototype WindPad 100 tablet device at the Computex show earlier this year. The device ran on Windows 7 OS and was powered by an Intel Atom Z530 1.66 GHz processor. From what we see now, the WindPad has advanced past the prototype stage and reached design maturity. MSI has put out a number of press shots of the tablet, picturing it with a dock in some.

The specs are still expected to be the same as what was described at the unveiling at Computex. The mass market Windows 7 tablet is built around 10-inch 1024×600 capacitive touchscreen. It will have 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD for storage, Wind Touch UI overlay, HDMI port capable of 720p output to an HDTV and 2xUSB ports. The addition of the new dock will bring in a variety of new connectivity options as shown in the picture below.

According to an MSI product manager at the Computex show, the WindPad 100 will hit the market later this year for around $499.

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