HTC Droid Incredible with Froyo Update to Start Selling this Wednesday

August 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Word is out on the web that Verizon and HTC are going to have Android 2.2 Froyo released for the HTC Droid Incredible on August 18 and is expected to be more stable and issue-free than the Froyo version offered to HTC EVO 4G devices. Droid Incredible’s users have been expecting the update ever since Froyo was started being deployed on Nexus One, HTC EVO 4G and DROID by Motorola.

The much-anticipated 2.2 update to the phone’s Operating System comes with a lot of changes which include a few cosmetic changes to the Google search and YouTube applications. It will come with the ability that will let applications get installed directly onto an SD card instead of the phone’s internal memory and will include new exchange calendar support and auto-discovery setup.

The update is expected to include Adobe’s Flash 10.1 support as well, but it may make the phone to heat up rapidly and may also lead to low battery life. To unlock the phone, you will be able to type in a PIN number instead of a pattern, and the phone’s voice recognition will feature support for Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and seven new English dialects.

The Android’s mobile browser will be using V8 Javascript Engine, which will help in faster page loading. The Froyo update will allow phones to be remotely wiped in case of loss or theft which will prevent others from accessing your data. But there is no news on whether the update will come with 720p recording and mobile hotspot functionality, but there is news that users might get a new start up animation. Once the Droid Incredible has been updated with Android 2.2, we can expect Verizon and Motorola to release Froyo for Droid X as well.

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