Genius MousePen M508 & M508W Tablets to Arrive by September

August 16, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Genius has unveiled two MousePen tablets, the latest in its line of graphics tablets, and will be shipped in September. The tablets,  known by the names M508 and M508W, has plenty of features to offer all the tech fans out there.

Both the tablets come equipped with a 5×8 inch area to work on, and both can be switched from a widescreen view to a 4:3 aspect ratio when required. Each tablet comes with 13 keys that can be programmed on the tablet’s screen. It also comes with four keys above the working area that can also be programmed. Dedicated buttons for controlling brush attributes, zooming and scrolling are already provided by the touchpads. Both tablets can detect up to 1024 levels of pressure and each comes with a Bluetooth connected pen. Both tablets have a resolution of 4000 LPI.

The only difference between the two tablets is that one is wireless, and now you know what the W stands for. The wired MousePen M508 comes with a price tag of $149 and the wireless M508W tablet will cost $199. Both tablets are made to be compatible with Mac OS X and Windows 7.

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