Samsung and Seagate Kick Off Combined Effort to Enhance SSDs

August 13, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Samsung and Seagate, who have been looking at outdoing each other for so many years now, have decided to join hands for a cause.  The two companies  – one a major player in the hard disk drives and storage solutions and the other a leader in advanced memory technology – have inked a joint development and licensing agreement so as to take the combined initiative forward.

The coming together of the two companies will help in jointly develop and cross-license related controller technologies for solid state drive storage devices in a bid to attain high levels of performance, reliability and endurance that the enterprise storage applications demand. It has been pointed out that the Seagate- Samsung combo would initiate efforts so as to build on the existing SSD capabilities of each player. It would also bring in Seagate’s leadership status in enterprise storage technology and merge it with Samsung’s flash memory technology specific to 30 nanometer-class MLC NAND.  The controllers thus born of this marriage would be put to play in Seagate’s enterprise-class SSDs, Seagate has stated.

Seagate believes that the deal with Samsung will help the company effect a set of SSD innovations to the enterprise storage market. This in turn is seen as  capable of bringing in advantages such as better performance, endurance and reliability to cost and capacity improvements. Further, by getting connected with Samsung’s activities, Seagate also stands a chance of strengthening its SSD solutions strategy so as to position itself in an enviable position in its domain.

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