Palm Developing Palmtop Computer With Cellphone Attachment?

August 12, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Palm seem to still have some plans for a laptop paired with a cellphone for the purpose of wireless communications, even though the last time they made such attempts they failed, more or less. The problem last time seemed to be mainly in the device’s hardware and its lack of support for some of the features the device required – but it seems this new one may have overcome these hurdles.

A few months ago, in April, Palm have filed a patent for a “compact removable voice handset”, as well as an “integrated palmtop computer.” The two devices are interlinked with a wireless connection, which also allows them to access public (and of course private) Wi-Fi access spots. One of the most interesting features is the ability to couple the two devices, creating a “minimal increase to the overall size and weight” of the device, which would probably indicate a more compact cellphone than the ones we’re currently used to.

We’re not sure if the patent is going anywhere though, and it may be yet another scrapped idea – but let’s hope we actually see this one come through.

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