Apple TV Update To Be Known as iTV, To Come With Snipped Video Capabilities

August 12, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Apple is rumored to be naming its Apple TV update iTV and it might come in with  less video capabilities. The rumor sparked off  following talk of a next generation Apple TV that was said to be moving from a Mac running Front Row software to an iOS device, and that it will be getting its former “iTV” codename.

Apple is also going to limit iTV to 720p video, though 1080p video is the standard now. This might be due to the technical limits of the A4 processor, which may be too slow to handle the higher resolution. Apple sells HD content in iTunes as 720p. Higher resolution 1080p is an alternative HD standard, but video experts note that the difference in resolution is not visible to users at a normal TV viewing distance unless the screen is larger than 55 inches. Along with these changes, the device will be getting apps. Apple has built up the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices but left Apple TV to sit in maintenance mode. By converting Apple TV into an iOS device, the company could erect a third new wing of apps in iTunes.

Other than these changes, there would be no difference from the earlier rumored product. It will be an iPhone 4-sized device costing $99 with 16GB of flash storage. The unveiling of the iTV is expected to be coming this fall.

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