Samsung boosts their 3D ecosystem with portable 3D BluRay player, and 3D home theaters

August 11, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Samsung has been in the 3D market for some time now by being one of the first to bring out 3D LED TVs. Now they are going full force into 3D by introducing a new series of BluRay players, including the first portable 3D BluRay player. The BD-C8000 comes with a 2D display, but can output 3D data to a compatible display through HDMI out. You can playback 2D movies on the 10.3 inch display but you can also share the media among DLNA media sharing enabled devices.

The BD-C8000 portable player has 1GB of internal memory and WiFi connectivity for BD-Live support. It packs a battery that gives it a runtime of around three hours on a single charge and has started shipping now for $500.

The BD-C7900 is a “normal” BluRay player, with dual HDMI outputs. It supports 3D and can also hookup with the internet for services such as Blockbuster, Netflix and Pandora. The C6800 has just one HDMI port, and more conventional features while the C5900 is the entry-level model with WiFi only as an option. The C5900 is the cheapest one at $230 while the C6800 and C7900 are priced at $280 and $400 respectively.

On the home theater front, Samsung has introduced 3 new 3D systems, led by the HT-C9950W, priced at $1800, set to arrive in October. It features a unique metallic Blu-ray player with a sleek circular slot-loading drive. Along with is a 7.1-channel surround sound system along with an iPhone/iPod dock and a USB WiFi adapter. Next up is the C6900W, at $700m, with a 5.1ch sound system and is much smaller that the high end version. The entry level model is the C6600, which is Samsung’s core model, with 5.1ch sound and mostly the same features. It is priced at $700. Both the lower end models are available as of now. The company also announced what it called its largest 3D TV to date, a 65-inch LED TV priced at around $6,000.

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