Plastic Logic QUE proReader Left Behind; Moves on to Next Gen Product

August 11, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Plastic Logic is canceling its much-hyped QUE proReader and has plans to shift its focus on a second-generation ProReader plastic electronics-based product. The QUE eReader, which was showcased at the CES in January 2010, was expected to start shipping earlier this year. However, plans had to be kept in the backburner and it was reported in June that the company was canceling pre-orders of QUE.

Plastic Logic seems to have now realized that the market has dramatically changed, and with the product delays the company had been going through, it would no longer make sense to move forward with the first generation electronic reading product. The company now plans to shift its focus to bring to market a second-generation ProReader plastic electronics-based product. Plastic Logic is believed to have decided on canceling the reader since they realized that the QUE product was not going to make it out in time to be a competitive product.

The company, in the meantime, is continuing to perfect its core plastic electronic technology that comes with many economic, manufacturing, form factor and environmental benefits. In the near future, there is a possibility that it will be replacing silicon in a variety of devices. With this technology at hand, they are sure to be producing something special sometime soon. Let us wait and see.

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