Nintendo’s Wii Sales Reach 30 Million in the US

August 11, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

According to a press release by Nintendo yesterday, they’ve managed to sell their 30 millionth copy of their Wii console in the 45 months since the device was launched on the market. This pretty much makes the Wii the most commercially successful console so far, as far as sale rates are considered. They even took the crown from Sony, who held the previous record of reaching 30 million sales in 60 months with their PlayStation 2.

However, on a worldwide scale, Sony are still leading strong – Nintendo has only managed to sell 74 million Wii consoles so far, while Sony on the other hand have already managed to register 140 million sales for their PlayStation 2 – though considering how long both have been on the market, it’s pretty much understandable.

Even though the Wii was met with some criticism because of its aging hardware and poor ability to handle good-looking games, it still did remarkably well on the market, due to the originality of its controlling scheme. We’re definitely curious to see how this will all play out with regards to the next generation of consoles.

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