It’s like Sports Center For Starcraft

August 11, 2010, By Christian Davis

By a show of hands, who has no idea what Starcraft 2 is? Of course you all know what it is. It’s only the most talked about game right now. Ever since the original title came out over 10 years ago, the second game has been discussed amongst gamers non stop. Now that Starcraft 2 has finally been released, it will be played non stop for the next century.

Starcraft 2 has become one of the most competitive games of all time literally over night. Practically a national sport in Korea, the Starcraft franchise spawns endless tournaments with unbelievably large cash prizes, sponsors, contract players, and gigantic crowds.  With the instant popularity  of the long awaited sequel, the game has brought up some exciting matches of some of the worlds best Starcraft players. That’s where HD Starcraft comes into play.

Bringing high quality matches with excellent commentary to the gamers around the world. Watching these videos will make any novice Starcraft player into a feared professional. HD Starcraft brings high definition Starcraft 2 footage featuring gameplay from today’s top gaming professionals, tutorials, and videos from the games first installment, Starcraft: Broodwar.

Below you’ll find a video of two renowned Starcraft professionals, Jinro and Dimaga, facing off in a long 3 part battle. These  guys are no joke and bring out several techniques which separates them from the everyday player.

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