White iPhone 4 Smuggled in Black iPhone 4 Box

August 9, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

While the iPhone 4’s white version is set to be released sometime around the end of the year, some people seem to have already gotten their hands on the device, as reports have it that a white iPhone 4 turned up in Hong Kong, coming out of a regular black iPhone 4’s box. There are various signs on the device pointing that it’s legitimate and not a DIY fake, too.

The specific model is a 32 GB white iPhone 4, and it features the standard headphone jack and dock connector which have been shown on the white model, pretty much confirming that the device is genuine. Sure, we know it’s not that hard to turn your iPhone 4 into a white version with some home-available tools, but you should consider that the one here also has a white home button.

If you look around Twitter, you can find the owner of this single white iPhone 4 trying to sell it, and while we wouldn’t go as far as to buy one, we’re definitely curious where this is going to end up.

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