BestBuy Tablet Pictures Surface; To Be sold Under Rocketfish Product Line

August 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Now, this is going to be exciting. Did you know BestBuy is lining up a tablet? If you haven’t heard of this yet, let us tell you what you heard is true. A couple of pictures posted by CTO Robert Stephens have hinted that BestBuy is actually planning to roll out a tablet. To be launched via BestBuy’s Rocketfish product line, the new upcoming tablet could be designed to run version 2.2 of Google’s Android OS.

Though not many details are yet to come by, we expect the device to sport the looks similar to the HP Slate. The photographs posted on TwitPic by Stephens hint at that possibility. It is not just the looks; a closer look will tell you that the BestBuy tablet could have similarities with the HP Slate with regard to size, form factor, and connectors. The difference would be that the HP Slate runs Palm webOS, thanks to HP’s buyout of Palm earlier this year.

The BestBuy tablet could come out in the open as a follow up to rival  Kmart’s Augen Gentouch78, a 7.0-inch tablet computer that is driven by an 800MHz processor, Android OS, 256MBs of RAM, 2GBs of expandable memory. The Gentouch78 is being sold for $150. With BestBuy too ready with the tablet, this is what we call competition on the tablet PC space.

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