Vonage Mobile for Facebook Viral Application Arrives at the App Store

August 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is time that you make the world of Facebook your very own and a new application at the App Store by the name of Vonage Mobile for Facebook will help you do so. All the people on your Facebook friends list can be directly contacted through a voice call with this Vonage application provided your friends also have this viral application downloaded.

The experts to have come up with this application see Vonage as an odd, viral solution for voice communications. The best part is that this app is not limited to any particular kind of bandwidth and hence it functions on WiFi, 3G, as well as the recently discovered 4G bands.

Instead of dialing a friends number, what you can opt for after the app is downloaded, is to make a Vonage voice call through your face book account as that could save you some data minutes on the regular iPhone plan.

The Vonage app will always keep you updated about the Facebook friends that are available for a voice chat as well as a Vonage voice call, so basically you will have an idea about whom you can call through this Vonage application.

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