Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Arriving A Day Before Verizon’s Droid 2, Release Set for August 11

August 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Talk about competitiveness in the field of telecommunications and there cannot be a better example than the way the big US carriers keep introducing better phones by the day to win over a larger customer base. We have managed to dig out the speculative release dates of the Sprint Epic 4G, Verizon Droid 2 and the AT&T BlackBerry Torch-and the comparison again reflects at the competitiveness.

If the grapevine can be trusted, the Samsung Epic 4G for Sprint (recognized as Samsung Galaxy S Pro by some) will be made available on August 11, which means our earlier assumptions of the August 20 release now seem a tad doubtful. The August 11 release for the Epic 4G implies that the smartphone will make it to the market one day before the Droid II for Verizon is expected to break cover.

Not just the Droid II for Verizon, even the latest AT&T RIM flagship-BlackBerry Torch 9800 is expected to go public on August 12 which is again a day before Sprint will introduce the Samsung Epic 4G to the public.

For a moment you might want to think that this is all a co-incidence, but we know how the world of these big US Carriers operates and this definitely hasn’t happened by chance.

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