HTC EVO 4G Android Froyo.6 Update From XDA Developers Pleases Early Adopters

August 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

HTC Evo 4G selling through Sprint in the US is already one of the best smartphones available, but Sprint jumped the gun early by releasing an incomplete Froyo OTA update for the handset. The Early adopters of Froyo on Evo 4G did realize that they made a mistake early by adopting Froyo as the OS update is marred with a number of flaws.

We have no clue as to when an official patch to take care of the Froyo issues on Evo 4G will arrive, but XDA Developers are already done with .6 update release which does take care of those issues. Waiting for an official update is your call, but the ones to have adopted the XDA version aren’t too displeased either.

Early adopters of Froyo (incomplete) on the HTC Evo 4G will not mind going in for the XDA version albeit XDA too has a disclaimer up mentioning the risks involved. What is also be to considered is that HTC has already acknowledged that a fix is on the way via official channels.

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