HP Zeen Details Leaked; To Be Offered Along with Zeus Printer

August 6, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

HP has introduced the new HP Zeen, which boasts of the unique ability to connect directly to an HP printer and function as the interface without the need for a computer. The Zeen, whose details have leaked on the Net, runs Android 2.1 Operating System, rather than the webOS as a consistent interface to other connected devices like printers. This idea makes it easy for consumers to log into Facebook or other sites and print pictures without having to use a computer.

The Zeen tablet has capacitive touch buttons, SD card slot, video support and a webcam with a special webcam application installed. E-reading is the main focus and the Zeen has integration with the Barnes & Noble Nook bookstore (Nook itself runs Android). So HP will be able to sell more ink being able to print e-books from the Zeen.

The HP Zeen comes along with the Zeus printer with a combined price tag of $399. The Zeus has its own basic configuration of control, but if the Zeen is connected there will be a rich interface for print functions. The Zeen is also available as a standalone unit, the price of which has not yet been revealed

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