Google CEO Eric Schmidt Claims 200,000 Android Handsets Getting Activated Every Day

August 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

Android is soaring higher by the day setting up record sales figures that will take some chasing from the gadgets and software(s) to arrive in the future. It wasn’t long back that Android toppled the RIM and iOS to become the highest selling mobile OS in the US and now there is another Android achievement we need to share.

There is no thorough agency which confirms this, nonetheless, Google CEO Eric Schmidt is claiming that there are 200,000 Android powered handsets that are getting sold per day. Compare these numbers to the previous months and the figures have almost doubled from May where 100,000 Android handsets were getting sold on a daily basis. In June 2010, these per day sales numbers sat at 160,000 which reflects that the Android surge has been consistent.

It feels great to realize the achievements of Google with its Android OS, but what is ironical is that Google is hardly gaining anything in terms of money despite this constant rise in Android sales. Cupertino makes money on every iOS laden gadget it sells while things are different with Android for Google.

Apple will not mind being second on the sales list with its iOS given that it realizes it makes a lot more money than Google does with Android. Despite all this, Google seems unfazed by the lack of money generation as Schmidt puts it- Android was developed to further grow our search business!

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