Apple Needs to Make iOS Secure Quickly, Symantec

August 6, 2010, By Atul Roach

The latest version of iOS that runs in gadgets like the iPad and iPhone 4 isn’t utterly secure and Cupertino somehow hasn’t managed to keep it users in dark in this regard. Everyone is aware of the fact that iOS isn’t completely secure and this awareness is what has caused users to ask questions from Apple regarding the security patch that will potentially make the Operating System secure again.

The problem is a consequence of the way mobile Safari handles PDF documents and some say it is this very vulnerability which the Comex guys took advantage of to come up with JailbreakMe 2.0. Ironically, the Comex guys have claimed that Cupertino still does not have a clue about the flaw which they took advantage of, implying there are not one but two problems to be patched.

All that a dreaded hacker will wait for is to open a PDF file on your browser and within moments your iPhone or the iPad will turn into a mass of plastic controlled by someone else. Apple is taking quite some time to get this problem sorted and not just the users, even big names like Symantec are worried about it and has urged Apple to take instant measures.

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