Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Rumored to Arrive in September

August 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

We were almost certain of the fact that Microsoft is working on a special type of mouse replicating close rival Apple’s Magic TrackPad and there is more news coming in which confirms the existence of this mysterious product. To begin with, it is dubbed the Arc Touch and just in case you had any doubts, MSFT even has a domain name registered

Apple’s Magic TrackPad is a great attraction for Cupertino gadget freaks and Microsoft intends to satiate its loyalists who also aspire to use a similar kind of technology with Microsoft products. The real motive may not be competing with a similar Apple product as experts see Microsoft going ahead with the Arc Touch Mouse for a different reason.

Microsoft aspires to come up with an inexpensive alternative (a touch sensitive mouse) to costly touchscreen displays, though what is also being told is that the mouse may not support multi-touch options initially.

With the rumored release of the Arc Touch Mouse being speculated in September, it is logical to assume that there will be more information percolating through the sources of the internet this month and we promise to share all of it with you.

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