HTC Paradise and Fiesta Android Handsets Spotted in the Wild, Headed to AT&T

August 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

AT&T is probably the only US carrier that is devoid of thorough Android goodness and the carrier has no one to blame but itself. AT&T is finally thinking of expanding its Android resources in the right manner and two important handsets two help move in that positive direction could be the HTC Paradise and HTC Fiesta, both of which are Android devices.

Now we are not saying that AT&T has already announced these devices, but both these handsets have been spotted in the wild, courtesy of a Craigslist buyer. The user was offered the HTC Paradise on Craigslist as an AT&T sample. Also, the Paradise bears close semblance to an AT&T Android handset that cleared the FCC approval back in April.

Nonetheless, AT&T is to only benefit with the addition of the Paradise as it will be the second QWERTY Android device on the AT&T list after the Backflip.

Talking about the HTC Fiesta, it is again an Android device which we thought will never materialize into reality and hence we never spoke about it in the past. The same Craigslist user was offered HTC Fiesta along with the Paradise and we think it could be an Aria derivative of some sorts.

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