Clear Launches iSpot 4G Mobile Router for iPod and iPad

August 5, 2010, By Atul Roach

We make sure that we cover most of these mobile internet routers for your favorite doodads given the utilitarian value they hold in the modern day gadget crazy world. Another one of those finds today is the iSpot 4G from Clear which is again a mobile router that renders 4G speeds along with the ability to offer WiFi connectivity.

The mobile router is tailor made for Apple products like the iPod and the iPad and you can guess it by the way it has been dubbed as the iSpot. We still have no clue about this device being compatible with non-Apple gadgets and hence we would assume (for now) that it is an Apple specific product.

iSpot is no rarity as it creates a WiFi hotspot if you are anywhere in range of the Clear 4G network, allowing any Apple WiFi enabled mobile device to get online instantaneously.

And since it is no rarity, Clear has priced this product justifiably at $24.95 while the cost of the monthly plan for the 4G service is also a reasonable $25. The best past is that there is no contract involved and you can therefore pay on a monthly basis where you can cancel the service anytime.

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