Sony PS3 3.41 Reissue Comes About Following Hard Drive Hassles

August 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sony has reissued a new system software update 3.41 for PlayStation3. The update is a new version of the system update 3.41, which was released on July 27. The update comes following realization that the version had bugs which needed immediate attention. We get to know that the new version, with minor changes, was issued due to problems created by the older version for users who replaced PS3 hard disc drive (HDD).

The first 3.41 update resulted in the crashing of some systems and in some occasions the update process was stopped while replacing the PS3 HDD. Sony has apologized for the problems, but still encourages the update.

Users who are experiencing update problems are recommended to use the latest data and try booting their systems again. The new software, which is still called 3.41, was released on August 2. It includes recommendations for games and videos on the PlayStation Store.

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