Samsung PL90 Offers a 12.2 Megapixel Sensor, USB Plug, 4x Optical Zoom

August 4, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Samsung have just revealed a new point and shoot digital camera aimed at amateur users who don’t require a whole lot of features they’re never going to bother with. The PL90 features 12.2 megapixels for your shooting pleasure, and it’s capable of a 4x optical zoom – and comes with a 2.7″ LCD screen to view your masterpieces on.

The camera can also record video, though don’t expect that much in this department – you’ll be able to shoot in a VGA resolution (640×480) at both 30fps and 15fps, depending on your choice. One of the more interesting aspects of the PL90 is the built-in USB plug though – there’s no longer any need to carry your camera’s cable around.

There’s also a great deal of automation in the camera’s shooting functionality, making it an even more attractive choice to those who don’t have so much experience taking pictures yet. On the other hand, more advanced users may not like it due to the way it limits your creativity. Look for it in about a month for $149.99.

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