Microsoft Teases Mystery Device; Is it a Smartphone or a Tablet?

August 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

It seems like Microsoft is on a tease mode. The technology giant has something ready for us, but isn’t wiling to reveal all. What we get to see is bits and pieces of info on a possible hardware product, believed to be in the works. Two pictures that have been partially revealed on the Microsoft Twitter account @msfthardware talk of a new hardware that is to come soon.

What exactly is the new Microsoft update, no one knows. Believed to be a top-secret product, Microsoft is in fact creating a mystery around it. Take a look at the pictures and you get no clue f what it could be. Now attempt to put them together and it looks like a thin, black, rectangle-shaped device with the inscription Microsoft on one side. Tally the images with one hint the guys at Microsoft give you, and you tend to believe that the device that is to arrive could be a flat device. The hints that Microsoft drops go thus:  flat and touchy.

PCWorld has attempted to unravel the mystery. The result is a handful of speculations. Going by the picture, the guess is that the device is a smartphone.

Such a guess stems from the fact that Microsoft has been talking up its soon-to-launch Windows Phone 7 platform more and more lately. Yet another guess is that the mystery product could be a Zune. No body knows, Microsoft could even be lining up a Tablet as it is something that is almost ready for release.  What do you feel?

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