Google Wave Collaborative Tool Not Materializing Into Reality Anymore

August 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

We’ve been touting Google for its Android success where the OS has overtaken the likes of Apple and BlackBerry (though the success isn’t largely getting converted into monetary value), but Google also has had its problems. We are in no mood to talk about the Chinese ban, instead, we desire to focus on projects like the Wave and Buzz.

Google has still enjoyed decent appreciation for its Buzz feature, but Wave has been an outright flop an year after its Beta version was released. Wave, for those of you who do not remember, was a collaborative tool designed to be a cross between instant messaging, group chat and email.

Sadly, Google now thinks that the real-time tool has not seen the user adoption which Google would have liked in the longer run and despite Wave having its fanatics, Google has decided to cancel any further development of the feature.

Google aspired to blend existing methods of digital communication and collaboration such as instant messaging, chat, email and wikis into a single product-Wave. It is now difficult to say what exactly went wrong in terms of customer adoption, but a logical reason can be its confusing nature.

With the advent of the Buzz, users may have realized the overlapping nature of the new service which had features like the Wave. Google therefore has no one to blame when it comes to effectively motivating users to accept a new feature.

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