Downloading Blur Game Demo May Fetch You a Bimmer, How’s That For Publicity!

August 4, 2010, By Atul Roach

The developers and publishers of the arcade racing video game Blur (Activision in North America) didn’t have a great time with the first version of the game not ending up as a major success. Despite the lame response to the game, Bizarre Creations is determined to make Blur the biggest racing game franchise with the introduction of more and more series in the future. Now, the developer has a promotion trick up its sleeve, something which could have been done initially to boost the game response.

Believe it or not, Bizarre Creations is going to give away a 125i BMW Performance just for playing the demo version of the game which can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. The winner of the single unit will be picked randomly.

It will be important for the entrant of the competition not just to d-load the game demo, but to also play it and succeed in reaching Level 5. Another mandatory requirement other than reaching Level 5 will be the age criteria of 18 or more.

These sparkling Bimmers never come cheap and when you can simply get lucky by playing a video game demo, it is always good to give it a shot. For the records, it is an Alpine White commuter that features racing-style carbon trims, BMW Performance accent strips and above all, BMW Performance aerodynamic kit. The offer is only limited to the European PlayStation Stores.

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