Bing Maps Interface Revamped, Calculates Taxi Prices

August 4, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Bing Maps has just been upgraded and now has a shiny new interface that’s a lot more streamlined than the previous one and gives you a noticeably easier access to the service’s various functionality. Also, it also has a new app with a rather innovative purpose – calculating your taxi fares.

To make use of the Taxi Fare Calculator, you’ll have to click on the “map apps” button which you’ll find around the bottom of your screen, and from then select the Taxi Fare Calculator. The interface update itself is quite pleasant too, as you’ll now have a service that’s much easier on the eyes. For example, you can find a new zooming algorithm which allows you to focus on the important information better, as well as new color schemes that drive your attention to the critical areas of the screen.

Also, all the unnecessary elements of the interface have been removed or tucked away in some menus so that you’re no longer bothered with dozens of menus and buttons for performing simple tasks. Overall, the service is now a true competition to Google Maps and we can’t wait to see how else they’ll improve it in the future.

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