Apple Introduces iTunes-to-iPhone Streaming With iDisk

August 4, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Apple have, out of the blue, enabled their devices to stream music to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch via an online storage, by using iDisk. That’s certainly an interesting concept and one that surely very few people expected Apple to implement, of all companies.

According to some first impressions, the service works very smoothly, and it basically does exactly what it’s described to do – streams music in the background, and also allows you to share files publicly between several devices at the same time. Sure, we know that the iDisk had this functionality for quite a while, but it didn’t have any support for streaming in the background, nor controls.

The only limitations shouldn’t deter you that much – for example, you’ll have to drag the music files separately and you can’t add entire groups to iDisk, unless you pack them in a folder. You also can’t save your playlists, and you can’t transfer more than 20 GB of music – which, by itself, shouldn’t be considered a limitation at all.

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