StarCraft 2 Hits 1.5 Million Sales in Just 2 Days

August 3, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Wow – we knew StarCraft 2 was easily one of the most anticipated releases of the decade, but this is remarkable even for this title. Blizzard have managed to sell an astounding one and a half million copies of the game in just the first 48 hours since its release – with these numbers, StarCraft 2 is actually the best-selling PC game (in terms of debut sales) for this year, and the second in the entire history of video gaming.

The game is expected to sell around 7 million copies before the end of the first fiscal year for the company – which, compared to the 11 million total sales for the original StarCraft, is quite astounding. Furthermore, let’s not forget that there are two expansion packs planned for the game as well, which should also boost its sales.

The last point actually attracted some criticism towards the game, as some players are claiming that Blizzard are trying to milk their fans by releasing the game in three parts – but let’s not forget that the length of just one of those games far exceeds the length of the entire original StarCraft, and the gameplay is reportedly very varied and deserving of its price tag.

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