Samsung readying the first real Android media player against the iPod Touch – the YP-MB2 Galaxy Touch

August 3, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Android may have the domination in the smartphone realm. But it has yet to proliferate much into the other areas of consumer electronics. Apple still has a good hold over the portable music/media player market. Samsung is not all set to bring Android muscle into the game with the first real Android portable media player, the YP-MB2, which will have almost the same features as the GalaxyS, but will targeted at MP3 players rather than smartphones.

The Samsung YP-MB2 is almost like a Galaxy S with its radio ripped out. It runs the same Android 2.1 OS with Samsung’s customized TouchWiz 3.1 UI on top. On the hardware front, it will have the same 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 1GHz processor under the hood, but with only WiFi for internet connectivity. Internal storage is doubled to 32GB and the Korean model will also get DMB over-the-air TV tuning. And surprisingingly, the media player will also have GPS support giving it an edge in the navigation front.

No major manufacturer has yet fielded Android in this market before, and due to lack of significant opposition, Apple has dominated the touchscreen MP3 player category where challengers such as Samsung and iRiver often have little sway.

The Samsung YP-MB2 PMP also known as the Samsung Galaxy Touch should be shipping in Korea from August 11 and while it hasn’t been announced officially, it is likely that it will reach other countries as well.

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